Thursday, 19 December 2013

Recycled Fashion Checklist

OK, so the deadline is Tuesday 7th January (when you return after Christmas) and this is the minimum you need to have in your sketchbooks:
  • Observational drawing/s of your object.
  • Photos of your Moodboard layouts.
  • Copies of your presentation slides.
  • 2 pages research into Martin Margiela.
  • 4 pages research into 2 Fashion Illustrators.
  • Your photos from the figure.
  • 4 Illustrator responses based on your photos.
  • 6 garment proposals (with notes, using the templates).
  • 2 finished Illustrations based on your best designs - these should be developed independently and not dependent on templates.
  • 4 pages research into 2 Fashion Photographers.
  • Your finished garment/accessory.
  • A thoughtfully styled location shoot of your garment - be ambitious, think about the photographers whose work you have studied. Arrange model, location, props, make up. Consider posture and camera angle carefully. Take plenty of shots (20+) you might use PhotoShop to enhance your best shots for inclusion in your sketchbook.
  • Your word processed evaluation (see guidance notes below). 

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