Thursday, 26 September 2013

Progress Checklist for Tools Project + Research

By Monday 30th September the work for the Tools project you should have completed is:

  • At least 1 sustained pencil drawing of your tool completed from direct observation.
  • A series of thoughtfully lit and composed photographs of your tool.
  • 2 or more other drawings in your sketchbook, these could be in pencil/biro/fineliner.
  • Expressive large scale stick and ink drawing.
  • A3 chalk and charcoal drawing onto midtoned paper.
  • Minimum of one well finished carbon print.
  • At least one Gold Card plate cut and several prints taken from it.
  • A3 collage base drawing.
  • 4 pages research work into Jim Dine's Tool drawings and the Collage work of Florian Nicolle (see below).
Two pages of research into the Tool drawings of Jim Dine and the same for the mixed media collage work of Florian Nicolle - find good reproductions of their work, give a brief bit of background information about each Artist, provide some analysis and personal opinion on at least 2 specific images by each of them and make at least one visual response of your own to each Artist's work.
Jim Dine

Florian Nicolle

For next week please bring in £2.50 as a contribution to group materials I will need to purchase for technique work (coloured dyes and spray paints).

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