Sunday, 15 September 2013

Checklist for project so far & abstract example pieces.

To help you keep track of your work in the project here is a little checklist:

  • David Hockney photo joiner research (should be completed already).
  • A2 observational painting from the colour still life (should be complete).
  • 2 x photo joiners based on the still life in your sketchbook (should be finished by the end of Monday).
  • Full page tonal drawing based on the still life (finish for Monday).
Tasks for the second week of the project will be:
  • A1 mixed media abstraction.
  • Abstract artist research with visual responses.
  • Project evaluation.
And to get you thinking about the abstract work, here are some examples of previous student's work:

Charlotte Howard

Sophie McCullagh

Georgina McDougall

Lucy Watson

Simone D'Rozario

Josh Notarmarco Pope

Annie Wigg
Rosie Corfe
Megan Reid
Mariella Hancock
Lily Livingston
George Woodger
Cam Symons
Daisy Meyer
Lucy Ellis
Flo Smith
Kaya Barber

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