Friday, 9 November 2012

Submission List for Alphasemble.

This is the list of work you need to complete for the Deadline of Tuesday 13th November at 4.30pm. We will be briefing you on the new project on Monday.
  • At least 2 pages where you compile examples of your 5 selected letters and 2 numbers. Try to collect examples from a range of sources e.g. Newspapers, magazines, font websites. Lay out each of these pages in a dynamic way. Mix up font sizes, overlap and collage your letters down, consider copying some letters onto acetate for overlaying.
  • 2 A3 Linear overlay letter compositions (similar to work by Jasper Johns).
  • Photocopies of your Linear pieces worked into with tone and pattern.
  • Photocopies of your Linear work or prints worked into with coloured inks and bleach.
  • Photocopier inverts of your letterform compositions.
  • An A3 Gold Card with several prints from it.
  • Research into the letter/number paintings and drawings of Jasper Johns (2 pages).
  • Research into either the Typographic work of David Carson, or the letterform work of Michael Craig-Martin.
  • Photographs of your chosen letters and numbers - you should aim to find at least 2 examples of each one in the environment around you. One found (e.g. on a sign, notice, advert, vehicle) and one created (by arranging objects of your choice to represent the letter/number). Photos of your collected/made letterforms on the lightbox.
  • At least 2 PhotoShop developments from your 2D Letterform work. Scan images, but add more text layers to create complex compositions.
  • Research into the 3D relief work of Frank Stella (2 pages, get a range of images, a little background information and a couple of paragraphs of personal analysis of specific pieces).
  • At least 8 good photos of found/made lettersforms in the photobooth, using the lightbox, and capturing strong compositions, dramatic shadows, angles, zoom-ins etc. Printed out and mounted in your book.
  • 1 curled typeface cut out piece.
  • At least 1 white card relief composition.
  • Minimum of one well resolved grey card relief piece.
  • Good photos of all your relief work.
  • At least one good tonal drawing in response to your relief work.
  • Research into two sculptors (background information, several good images of their work and some personal analysis, minimum 4 pages, carefully presented.
  • Planning sketches for your 3D work.
  • A well finished final 3D sculpture.
  • Good photos of your final 3D piece, record from a variety of angles and zoom in for details as well as shots that show the whole form.
  • Your word processed evaluation (see below for guidance).

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