Monday, 26 November 2012

Fashion Illustration Work

OK, hopefully this step by step guide will help you achieve a fantastic set of Fashion Illustrations that showcase your garment ideas.
  1. Select 2 of your photos from the figure to work with. These should be dramatic poses that you feel will work well with your particular garment/accessory.

  2. Elongate the figures in your selected photos using the Transform Scale Tool in PhotoShop (on the Edit Menu). See example above (I've also cropped and enhanced the image a little).
  3. Linear Template
  4. Then create a linear template from your adjusted photo, try to just concentrate on body silhouette and ignore bulky clothing. Use the lightbox if it helps.
    Garment Template
  6. Create 2 templates of alternate designs for your garment/accessory that illustrate the shape of your design proposals. Make sure your garment templates fit to scale with your figure template.
  7. Work with your templates to create a series of illustrations of your garment/accessory design in the style of Barton Hargreaves and 2 other illustrators (this should result in 6 illustrations in total). Find other illustrators through net research or select from Try to use the same media as the illustrator whose style you are adopting, so this may mean working by hand, digitally or employing a combined technique. 
  8. Filled Silhouette Illustration
  9. You should also get some reproductions of work by each of the 3 illustrators and complete some analytical research for each one of them (2 pages for each illustrator).

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