Monday, 19 November 2012

Prezi Presentations

You need to be ready to give your Prezi presentations tomorrow morning. These will be short and sweet as we have lots to get through, you obviously need to prepare your slides and have a few things to say about each of them.
Each pair of you are only going to have 3 - 4 minutes, you might find putting together some cue cards helps you remember to cover all the important stuff.
Here's a link to a decent presentation from a couple of years ago:
Remember to save your images as jpegs before putting them into Prezi, as full resolution photos or PhotoShop documents can slow your presentation right down and make it behave badly.
Wednesday - Friday this week we will begin some Fashion Illustration work, you will need to bring cameras and be prepared to strike a few poses!
Obviously the main focus of the project so far has been on the moodboards and Prezi, but the work you have been doing should be recorded in your sketchbooks too. Mount photos of your moodboards and Prezi slides in your books and use the material gathered for the boards to create some collage pages.

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