Tuesday, 1 November 2016

3D Relief Cutting and Construction Techniques

Basic cutting is a skill. Get the right tools - cutting mat, metal ruler and a sharp craft knife. The Grey card needs to be cut in layers, cut a light groove as a guide and then follow this with subsequent cuts. Do not press too hard or try to cut through in a single attempt - this leads to shoddy cutting, slips and accidents!
Cutting directly on tables ruins your knife, the tables and again makes slips more likely. Ensure fingers are well away from the blade at all times and not over the edge of the ruler!

Partially cutting through the card (scoring) is an essential technique for creating neat bends, folds and curved forms. To create a curve scored lines need to be made at regular intervals and then flexed on the outside of the form.

Scored Arch Form
Tabs are a great way of neatly joining forms without resorting to glue. If you must use glue minimise it and try to keep it hidden.

Tab Insertion
Slotting forms through one another is another effective joining technique, if slots are exact and fit snugly then the need for glue is avoided.

Be aware of health and safety issues when using knifes and hot glue guns, injuries from these two items are probably the most common first aid incidents in the department. All avoidable with some care and common sense!

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