Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Autumn Term Insight Reflections

To complete your reflections go to your Insight Home Page and open the "student reflections" tab - this will open a box into which you can type your thoughts.

So how am I doing, let's think...
To kick off the termly review process we ask you to consider how you are progressing, what is going well and what more you can do to improve your performance.
This is intended to be done in relation to the target grades you will find on your Insight page, but be aware these are set at a very high level - especially for this stage of the course. It will take time to reach these levels and they are very much aspirational targets for the end of the course, do not worry if you are below target at this stage.
I am confident many of you will go on to achieve Distinction and Distinction Star grades, but the important thing at present is to focus on how you can advance on your present level of achievement. 
So what things should you consider when you are writing your reflections? Say anything you regard as relevant, but make an effort to cover the following points:
  • Reflect on how the start of the course has been for you? Are you enjoying the work? Do you feel settled at College?  
  • Think about the work we have done this term (Colour, Tools, Alphasemble) and discuss some aspects of your work that you consider to be successful, explain why.
  • Improving is about identifying areas of your work/approach where change is going to be beneficial. Point out at least 2 aspects of your work you will target to work on in forthcoming projects and explain what practical steps you intend to take to address these areas.
These could be things like: Your Attendance/punctuality; Your Observational Drawing; Your willingness to experiment; Your research; Your Focus in the studio; The presentation of your sketchbooks; Your time management skills/meeting deadlines; Your skills with specific techniques (such as PhotoShop).
  • What are you looking forward to over the rest of the year, are there areas of Art and Design we haven't touched on yet that particularly interest you? What are these? 

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