Thursday, 13 October 2016

ALPHASEMBLE - Week 1 Checklist

pop art wallpaper
Jasper Johns
A checklist of things you should all have done by Monday 17th October, look on this as a minimum, some of you might manage more...
  • At least 2 really effective full page linear compositions based on your letterforms - these shouldn't include tone or colour so they can be photocopied and worked into with other media.
  • 1 or more carefully built up A3 tonal/pattern based compositions developed from your linear work - use pencil, biro or fineliners.
  • Photocopier inverts/colour conversions of your tonal pieces.
  • 2 pages of well presented thoughtful research into Jasper Johns (number/letter work). Include at least one sensitive visual response.
  • An A3 Gold Card plate cut and ready for printing on Monday (build areas of tone and pattern into your composition patiently). 
  • Sample photographic Alphabet
  • A photographic Alphabet, find or create letterforms in the environment around you and record them with the camera. Pay attention to the aesthetic aspects of each of your 26 shots (lighting, composition etc.). Present these effectively in the sketchbook.

Stretch and Challenge/Directed Study
Some of you have already started to experiment with other collage and colour work, which is great to see. If you are looking to extend your work you might try things like 

  • Cut letter collages from different papers (map, newspaper, brown paper, graph paper etc.). 
  • Ink and bleach experiments.
  • Painted compositions.
  • Digital experiments.
  • Collages intermingling different photocopier variants (colour conversions/inversions)
Next week
We will all be making more developments based on our compositions using colour, printmaking and PhotoShop. You will need to look at a second 2D Artist from the brief (e.g. Michael Craig-Martin or David Carson), and research the relief work of Frank Stella in preparation for moving into 3D after half term.

Michael Craig Martin

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