Friday, 30 September 2016

GROUP 1 - Tools Project Week 1 Checklist


The work you should have complete by the end of Monday 3rd October is:
  • Sustained pencil drawing of your tool from direct observation.
  • A good set of photographs of your tool, dramatically lit with detail shots and interesting camera angles. Print a contact sheet of all your photos and print 4-6 of the best images out larger (A4).
  • Expressive A1 Charcoal drawing into mid-tone (photograph for your sketchbook).
  • Expressive A1 Ink drawings (photograph for your sketchbook).
  • Collage base piece with drawing and use of acrylic paint (A3 on card).
  • Gold card plate cut, printed, with finished prints and plate mounted into your sketchbook.
  • At least one good monoprint.
  • Research work looking at Jim Dine and Florian Nicolle (4 pages).
Stretch and Challenge/Directed Study

  • Make another sustained drawing from your Tool using a different media such as biro or fineliner.
Don't forget you need to bring £2.50 on Monday as a contribution towards specialist Group Materials we will be using next week - we've ordered some lovely Spray Paint colours for you!

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