Monday, 22 February 2016

Term 2 Reflection Guidance

PART 1. Reflecting on Progress: 

When writing your reflections you should be considering the work we have completed since the last review – the Fashion and Architecture Projects.

·        In which of the two projects do you think you produced stronger work? Explain why you feel you were successful, look at the list of skills below and mention the areas in which you feel you performed well. 
·        Identify 2 aspects of your work/approach where you feel like a change would benefit your progress. Be honest and try to choose the things that will make the greatest impact on your future projects. 

Some areas you might consider discussing in relation to the previous 2 points: 

Self-Management Skills:
·        Attendance.
·        Preparation for lessons (making sure you have all the right equipment and are aware of what you will be doing and mentally prepared).
·        Focus in the studio and use of lesson times.
·        Enthusiasm and positivity about the work set.
·        Ability to complete private study at College (and at home).
·        Your time management skills (keeping up and meeting deadlines).
·        Avoiding distractions (phone/social media etc.), and using time productively.
·        Getting the balance right between College work and outside College commitments.

Subject Specific Skills: 
·        Observational drawing. 
·        Research. 
·        Presenting and talking about your own work.
·        Willingness to experiment and take risks. 
·        Presentation of your sketchbooks. 
·        Ambition and sophistication of your outcomes. 
·        Use of IT, including subject specific software (e.g. PhotoShop). 

Having thought about the strengths and weaknesses of your approach you should now identify at least 2 specific actions/targets that will help you to improve.

For example:
·        “No unauthorized absences and arrive to all lessons on time”
·        “Cut down hours in part time job to allow more time for College work”
·        “Keep phone off in lessons and limit my time on social media to 2 hours a day”
·        “Take more care over my sketchbook layout, keep pages visually busy and consider title fonts carefully”
·        “Make the effort to analyse Artist’s work in my own words, commenting on technique, mood, line, colour in depth and explaining links to my own work”

Talk about any new skills/techniques you have learnt in the last 2 projects.
Are these skills that you are likely to use again?
These might include: 

·        Creating and delivering a Presentation. 
·        Compiling Moodboards. 
·        Fashion Illustration. 
·        Garment construction techniques. 
·        Arranging a photoshoot. 
·        Mixed media collage. 
·        Paint transfer. 
·        Using PhotoShop.
·        Planning and completing an independent piece of work.

PART 2. Looking Ahead:

Have you decided what area of Art and Design you want to specialise in next year?
What draws you towards this area?
If you are not clear on your direction next year mention areas you are considering and ones you know are not in the running. 
Some of the main areas you should consider are: 

• Fashion Design/Styling/Marketing 
• Texile Design (Print/Constructed/Interior) 
• Fine Art (Sculpture/Painting/Print/New Media) 
• Illustration 
• Animation 
• Photography 
• Graphic Design 
• 3D Design (Product/Furniture/3D crafts etc.) 

Thinking ahead explain what you think your next step will be after Alton College (e.g. University, Apprenticeship, Employment).
Identify what practical actions you are taking/planning to help you towards your goals.

For example:
·        “Go to the Surrey UCAS fair, collect prospectuses, shortlist 5 University courses to visit and research when their open days are”.

·        “Book appointment with the College careers advisor and find out about employment and apprenticeship opportunities in creative areas”.

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