Monday, 22 February 2016

Illustration Project - WEEK 1.

Quentin Blake
  • Research into Quentin Blake's illustration (print out several examples of his work and include personal analysis of his technique, background information and at least one visual response).

Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Wes Anderson
    Research into at least 2 Films that are based on works by Roald Dahl. Again include vital information: director, year made, lead actors, some personal written response and good images from the film. It is particularly valuable to find "behind the scenes" information about the making of these films, for example storyboards and Artist's visualisations.
  • Photoshoot storyboarding for 3 scenes from your chosen Roald Dahl story with annotation.                                                                Carefully read some specific scenes from your chosen story, photocopy these sections (say 2/3 pages of text for each scene selected) and go through with a highlighter picking out key aspects to consider for your photoshoot (these could be descriptions of locations, characters, or action). Then use your analysis of the text to complete at least 3 pages of storyboards with annotation, also include breakdown of requirements for your shoot/s (models, location, props, make up, lighting etc.).
  • Examples of good existing storyboards presented in your sketchbook with some analysis (e.g. work by Josh Sheppard).
    You should be aiming to prepare for photoshoots either on location over the weekend or in the studio at the early next week. Book your studio times well in advance and get technical help from Ben [Photography Technician] to use the studio lights properly.

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