Monday, 9 November 2015

New Project - First Tasks

A few reminders, for your next lessons you will need:

  • Money for an A3 sketchbook. Ringbound £8, or Stapled £3.
  • Drawing materials (pencils, eraser, biro & fineliners if you have them).
  • A version (or preferably multiples) of your object to draw from and experiment with. 
  • A camera/cameraphone.
Before Wednesday you need to research both your object and your garment - collect and print enough material for compiling your A1 moodboards KEEP THIS STUFF LOOSE, DON'T STICK IT DOWN:
  • Lots of visual research into the garment you drew from the "hat", different versions/styles/shapes try to find inventive Haute Couture versions. Find 12 - 20 examples.
  • Plentiful visual research into the object you drew from the "hat" - different versions, different uses, unusual applications of your object, if you can find examples of it in Fashion then include these. Again 12 - 20 examples.
  • Find several examples of Collections and print some images of these too (6 -10 images). Most designers/design houses release themed collections seasonally, look for examples of collections that are inventive, exuberant and perhaps use elements of recycling - the work of Martin Margiela might be a valuable starting point.

Use (open a free account if you don't already have one). Thoughtfully selected search terms in Pinterest will lead you to a host of rich imagery and ideas.

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