Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fashion Sketchbooks

So what should be going into your sketchbooks over the first week/10 days of this project?
Well, one reason behind using photography to record your Moodboards and not sticking everything down is that it means that the material you have gathered is then available for inclusion in your sketchbook.
So once you have got good photos of your Moodboards you need to divide (and potentially duplicate) the visual material amongst your design teams, and then compile the following:
  • 4 Sketchbook pages of visuals and information on your garment/accessory. Different versions - traditional and radical, history, definition.
  • 4 Sketchbook pages of visuals and information on the object you need to recycle. History, typical uses, unusual uses, previous applications in Fashion.
  • 2 Pages showing some examples of collections, ideally exploring some recycling, try looking at Martin Margiela and Jez Eaton for starters. Provide some analysis.
  • One or more good observational drawings from your object.
  • Printouts of all the slides from your presentation.
After the Presentations are complete we will start to explore approaches to Fashion Illustration, responding to existing Illustrational styles, before trying to develop a more personal style with which to illustrate your own design proposals.

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