Monday, 15 September 2014

Spray Paint Artist Research (PAUL'S GROUP)

To complement the work you have been doing in class you need to find an Artist who creates works which involve spray stencils, and base your research on this individual. Present your research over a minimum of two pages and use the guidance to ensure you cover the right stuff in your written analysis. Some works by potential Artists to study are featured below:
Bryce Chisholm


Bernie Reid


  1. Identify your Artist and include brief biographical details/background information.

  1. Find examples of artworks – get good colour copies, list dates, dimensions and media used.


  1. If you can find them, include quotations from the Artist. Try

  1. Give a detailed description of the artwork.

  1. Analyse – comment upon use of colour, composition, media, technique, scale etc.


  1. Give an opinion on the Artworks, but ensure you justify what you say. Avoid simple value judgements (‘I really like/dislike…’) or vague, meaningless statements (’This piece is really effective’). Comment upon how successful or unsuccessful you find the artwork, and give specific reasons why you hold this opinion (I find this image particularly successful due to the dynamic way in which the Artist has combined spray stencils with other media).

  1. What is the relationship between this work and your own? Identify and explain connections between this artist’s work and your own.


  1. It is important to also include your own visual responses to artists’ work. In this case your own spray stencil work can be presented as your response, you might consider making an image that combines your spray stencil with other media if the Artist you have selected does this.


  1. Take pride in the overall presentation of your research, it should not be rushed. Consider each element carefully:  type, layout, titles, visual responses etc.

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