Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Photo Joiners (PAUL'S GROUP)

Don't forget to bring cameras/cameraphones/card readers/download cables in with you tomorrow (Weds. 24th September).
You will also need to ensure you have some printing credit (or bring money to top up).

A few tips for when you do your photo joiners:
  • It helps to take your photos all from approximately the same position. Move the camera to capture different sections, rather than wandering around - otherwise you may end up with a set of very disjointed images.
  • Whilst you are going for a fragmented look if you vary the zoom or viewpoint too much the whole thing quickly becomes incoherent.
  • You will be surprised at how many photos you need to make an effective joiner, as there is inevitably some that aren't useful - I'd suggest a minimum of 30 shots.
  • I found for working at A3 scale selecting the "Wallet Prints" option from the printer wizard was the most effective - this gives you 9 images on an A4 printed page. 

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