Friday, 4 October 2013

Tools Evaluation

In order to pass this project, you will need to write a short evaluation. This will clearly define the processes and techniques you have investigated, as well as outlining any high moments and low moments.

· Begin by giving a brief outline of the project – describing what you were being asked to do.
· Talk about why you selected your particular tool, i.e., what design and drawing opportunities it could offer you. You could talk about the range of pencil grades you needed to use in order to record it accurately & the individual shapes within the object that you could isolate and use within your experimental pieces.
· Talk through all the different processes you encountered, keeping it brief & informative, which were the most successful in your view, & how have your existing skills been extended in the process.
· Talk about the artists you researched, why they were relevant and how you used what you learnt about them in your own work.

You should, all through this evaluation, analyse each step, talk about how successful it was & how you might improve upon it.

This should be 400-600 words, included in your sketchbook and word processed.

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