Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Study Leave & Half term break:   25 May - 22 June 
(3 weeks plus 1 week of half term)

Please note lessons are still running Wednesdays when Sophie will be checking your work and carrying on with practical tasks. 


Wednesday 30 May 10.25-12.40
Half term week
Wednesday 13 June 10.25-12.40
Wednesday 20 June 10.25-12.40

On your return on 22nd June sketchbooks will be marked.   You will be assessed at this time to see if you have enough work to pass this stage to date on this project. 
Forgetting your book is an automatic referral!  Be prepared to discuss and have the following in your sketchbooks. 


·         Over this period you will also research 3 contemporary, well designed leaflets.  Photograph or stick in, or print off examples of creative leaflets you can find.  Look in the student union, music shops, fashion shops, etc.  Annotate and answer the following:

  • How does information flow from one panel to the next?
  • How is colour, text and image unified?  Comment on the layout
  • Is there a regular position/scale/ for the text on the page?
  • How is the type face integrated or contrasted with the other imagery?
  • How is the front and back cover effective?
  • How many images are used?
  • What messages are clear here and how have they been cleverly put together?

1.      Look at one artist or designer from each list (see below).  Collect information on each and analyse their work.  Answer the following questions:
2.      How have they composed their imagery?
3.      What media have they used?
4.      What processes and techniques have been included and what do you think about them?
5.      What mood, idea or concept does it reflect?
6.      Do you think the work is successful?  Why?
7.      What style would you say this work reflects?
8.      What makes this work interesting?
9.      Work in the style of at least 3 of these artists/designers and produce a series of images that reflect their work using some of your photos.  At least 6 images.


1.  Abstract Imagery
      Jean Michal Basquiat, John Hoyland,
       Howard Hodgkin, Sean Scully,
       Franz Kline, De Kooning, Jackson

2.   Expressive Drawing
      Giacometti, David Hockney,
      Frank Auerbach, Jenny Saville,
      Egon Schiele, THS, Kelly Roper, Tim
     Tomkinson, David Foldvari
3.   Collage
       Katy Lemay
      Eduardo Recife, Sara Fanelli
       Dawn Dupree, Tim Marrs, Alex
       Williamson, Kurt Schwitters

4.   Photography.
      Bill Brant, Bill Viola, Martin Parr,
Cindy Sherman, Corrine Day, Olivero Toscani,  Mario Testino, Nick Maplin, Robert Mapplethorpe

5.  Pop Art
     Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake,
     Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg,      Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein

6.  Linear Drawing
Clare Scully, Keith Haring, Michael           Craig-Martin, Cy Twombly, Jasper Johns, Neasden Control Centre,

7.  Photomontage
     Eduardo Paolozzi, John Heartfield, Raoul Haussmann, Helen Chadwick, David Mach, Terry Gillam

8.  Text
     David Carson, Fuel, Vince Frost,          Why Not Associates, Tomarto, Neville Brody, Barbra Kruger, Tom Hingston,
Designers Republic


·         Everything from week 1 and 2 homework sheets.  Please look at this and check you have produced everything for this.  Also the following:

  • 1 more photo-shoot 5-10 shots that is in addition to the other 2 photo-shoots that completes any details, close ups or additional objects, people that you feel you need to really make your leaflet get over your message.  Use these photos and past ones to produce :
  • 2 sustained graphite images showing strong observational study of an object relating to your chosen each cycle.
  • 2 x fine liner/biro
  • 2 experimental phrases using mixed media
  • 2 x acetate collages  or mixed media working from photo
  • 2 x sustained painterly studies
  • 2 x sustained coloured pencils
  • 2 x food colouring images/bleach
  • 2 sets of thumb-nail sketches showing possible ideas for final images.
  • All work annotated to date and ready for presentation within sketchbooks.

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