Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ilustration Project Update

There is some exciting work taking place so it would be great to see some of it posted on the blog. There have been some exquisite prints and some of the collage work is starting to really look good too.
In addition to the previous list, the work you should have completed by Monday 26th March is:
  • At least 3 really good monoprints based on your photoshoots.
  • 2 or more gold card plates cut with several prints taken from each one.
  • Eduardo Recife

    Nazario Graziano
  • Research (with analytical comment about technique) into 2 illustrators whose work features a mixed media/collage approach, e.g. Ben Allen, Eduardo Recife, Tim Marrs, Martin O'Neill, Nazario Graziano , Tez Humphreys, Eva Han.
  • A minimum of 3 good collage pieces that use the imagery you have generated in the project so far along with interesting paper, swing tags, stickers etc. Think carefully about how to use space and how to include text, ensuring you have looked at plenty of the Artists in the list above will help you to make good visual decisions.
  • Several PhotoShop experiments where you scan your collages and make alterations - remember PhotoShop can be used to take away as well as add.
  • All this work should be carefully mounted into your sketchbooks.
Next week we will be planning layouts for our final 1m x 1m boards which we will be producing straight after the Easter break. You will have an essay assignment to complete over Easter, so make sure you are up to date with the project work before the end of term.

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