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Design Diary Part 1 - Exhibition Review


3D Design

Graphic Design


Fine Art




This review is designed to give you the opportunity to develop your critical skills to be able to evaluate others work and in doing so find out what interests you within art and design. It will also give you a deeper insight into the area you wish to specialise in.


Write a 1,000 word review of one student’s work in the final major project show. Inventively present this work to start the ongoing sketchbook of the Design diary.
Camera and photocopying card required.


You must take photographs of :

• the whole show
• individual pieces
• details
• evaluation
• sketchbook immediately so you have a record of this show before it comes down.

Have a good look around all of the show soaking up the ideas, exhibits and range of pieces students have worked on. Try to find one person’s work that you really feel drawn to and that is within a specialist area you feel interested and inspired by. Study this work in detail looking at final pieces presented as well as exploring sketchbooks, development pieces and reading the evaluation that will explain the project this person set themselves. You will discover a lot of answers from analysing this. Answer the following:

1. Why is this work interesting? Describe the work in front of you, what specialist area is it and why have you picked this one to discuss?

2. What primary sources photographs and drawings did this student have? Discuss who or what has been involved in these and how well you think the student has done to achieve this imagery. In what ways have they then gone on to using this primary sources and making it express an idea? Did they draw from it, use gold card, manipulate on top of it, turn it into a screen print etc

3. Why are you drawn to this work? What aspects interest you? Is it the inventive way a message or idea is expressed, ability to observe or draw, the ability to manipulate materials or is it thought provoking and does it make you consider things around you differently? Please expand. Is it the interpretation of the idea, use of colour, process or technique that makes it enjoyable? Discuss their use of type or style of messaging they have used. How has attention to detail been considered?


4. Analyse their sketchbooks and within your report discuss these in detail. How many are there for 9 weeks work? Do you think there is enough work? In what ways do these sketchbooks develop and unfold ideas? How are connections made between imagery? Look at the artists used, the websites chosen etc look in the back of the evaluation at the bibliography.

5. Who or what has been their inspiration for this project? Have there been a number of different influences to bring this show together? Which artists and designers have they been influenced by and how have they made their final pieces reflect a sense of this work? Can you show imagery of their influences.?

6. What have they produced to show development and ideas that have produced this work. Are there studies, maquettes, try outs of some sort or further images not chosen in the show that you consider pivotal to this work?


7. What do you think about the choice of things they have mounted up. Has this person selected the best images in your opinion? Is it ambitious and if so how exactly? What makes it so, is it the range and diversity of garments, quality of drawing or objects etc?

8. How have these students exhibited their work? Draw a plan of the layout and review this. Do you think it was presented appropriately? What makes it look professional and how have they used additional objects, materials or colours to set off their pieces?

9. Draw a plan of their work and discuss what you think about the presentation of this. How have they used the space? Discuss how the work has been mounted and what you feel about this work?

10. Do you think there is enough work here for 9 weeks work? If this was you putting on a show, what aspects do you think are essential to creating a successful body of work that is presented well.


· 1,000 words within an illustrated annotated review presented within a sketchbook.
· At least 5 pages within a sketchbook.

Deadline: Sept 2017 first day back along with Design Diary, part 2

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