Thursday, 11 May 2017

Life Cycles WEEK 2 Work


Risk Assessment for each location advised!!

* Print out wallet images of your unedited images and then a few larger prints (A4) of edited ones that are the most effective. For the location unit you are required to annotate in your sketchbooks next to you images. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOU WILL NOT PASS THIS UNIT.
* Discuss the following:
* The character or message your photos convey
* How the location is relevant to this idea, and has improved or been important to this shoot.
* Composition
* Depth of field
* Contrast
* Texture
* Colour
* Framing and Subject placement- how have you placed your subjects with reference to the light source and location
* Lighting- spot lamp, soft, torch, natural.
* Technical details like – SLR use, lens size ISO macro lens, flash, wide angled panoramic etc. . Even if you shot these on your phone you can find out some of these details. If you have edited any of these on apps or photoshop then please discuss these.

• A series of sustained drawing using images from your photoshoots.
* 2 good monoprints.
* 2 gold cards with prints included on a variety of papers/surfaces.
* 2 sustained and varied carbon prints
* 2nd photo shoot showing another set of different aspects of your life cycle again, within a location.
* This might be another way of saying something about the same theme in a different way smaller, simpler ideas like people holding symbols or objects like a heart, skull, toys, lipstick, flowers, metaphors for your project or characters posing in different ways to supplement your imagery.

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