Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Final Piece - Complementary Research

Matthias Heiderich - Graphic architectural photography
Zee Nunes - Archifashion (photographer)

Zimoun - Sound Sculpture

James Gulliver Hancock - Gherkin (Illustration)

Teh Chankerk - painting

Kerrie Jane Stritton - mixed media illustration

Samantha Fortenberry - manipulated photography

Iris Van Herpen - constructed fashion
It is good to see a wide range of final pieces taking shape in the studio. 
To complement your final piece you need to compile 2 pages of research into an Artist/Designer whose work is closely associated with the approach taken in your final piece - so this could be a Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, Illustrator or Graphic Designer for example. 
There are a variety of potential research sources illustrated above (and included in previous posts and list within the project brief). If none of these feel like a good fit with your own creative direction then ask staff for suggestions ...or, even better, find your own.
As usual with research pay attention to visual presentation/layout. Get a range of good reproductions of the Artist's work, keep pages busy, but in sympathy with the style of the work you are studying.
Written content is important, engage your brain, don't just lift from the internet. Provide brief background biographical information, but go on to analyse specific works in detail. Offer your own opinions and explain why you hold them. Discuss aspects of images such as technique, scale, colour and composition; and make sure you say how the Artist selected relates to your own work.

This will complete your research for this project, in total you should have looked at: 2 Modern Architects, 1 Paper Engineering Artist, 1 Mixed Media Artist or Illustrator and 1 Artist specific to your Final Piece.

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