Thursday, 19 January 2017

Architecture Update

Making the most of the London Trip!

So having been to London we now have the imagery to branch out and create some really exciting work. From what I have seen you all have some excellent photography (we had wonderful light).
In addition to the work from the College Architecture (and the Architect research) from Week one (see earlier post) these are the things you should be completing by the end of Tuesday 24th January:
  • Print out contact sheets of your London Photographs.
  • Print out a range of your best shots at A5 or A4 for inclusion in the sketchbook.
  • Complete at least one A3 sustained and detailed monoprint based on a London photograph.
  • Finish at least one sustained and detailed A3 drawing from your London imagery - try to use a different media from those you used for the College drawings (biro works well).
  • Cut and print a detailed A3 Gold Card plate.
  • In preparation for the paper city work next week you need to research at least one Artist who uses paper engineering in their work, there are a range of names you could find out more about in this article
Next week we will be aiming to:
  • Finish printmaking based on London imagery.
  • Carefully cut a building to contribute towards the group paper city from white card. This can either be a fa├žade with supporting struts or a self supporting 3D piece.
  • Take a good range of "paper city" photos on the lightbox. Get in close to create some interesting angles, try to achieve the feeling of actually being surrounded by the buildings - look at the video clip post (above) for inspiration and check out Print contact sheets and larger versions of your best shots.
  • Start on some mixed media Collage work making use of the bank of Architecture based printing, drawing and photography you have accumulated.

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