Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Life Cycles Checklist

Text and Image - Amy Turner
  •          Mindmapping and visual moodboards  (gathered and collaged secondary imagery and text – use Pinterest and Google Image) for at least 2 life cycles (between written and visual content this should  total at least 6 pages)
  •          Further more specific brainstorming developing a theme/concept within your chosen Lifecycle.
  •          2 Storyboards with plans for photoshoot, annotated to make clear what your intentions are with regards to location, models, props, make-up, costume, lighting, camera angle, depth of field etc.
  •         A sustained piece of drawing from observation of an object/objects associated with your Life Cycle.
  •          At least 3 good photoshoots - at least two of these should be on location.
  •          1 Photoshoot of objects to do with life cycles.
  •         Wallet size prints of best unedited
  •         A few larger prints (A5/A4) of edited ones that are the most effective.
  •          Research on 4 photographers with questions answered in your own words (see project brief on blog for guidance on this)
  •          At least one sustained drawing based on images from your photoshoots.
  •         4 good collages using mixed media, sewing, acetate layering and spray paint. 
  •          Examples of work by 2 collage Artists e.g. Katy Lemay and Nazario Graziano, identify the Artists, and give brief analysis of their work.
  •          2 good monoprints.
  •          2 gold cards with prints included on a variety of papers/surfaces.
  •          4 rapid charcoal and chalk timed sketches (done in class)
  •          10 sustained and quick text experiments using words/phrases appropriate to your life cycle, try letterpress/pins in board/wire/ransom note/spray stencil/freehand /hammer punch etc.
  •          Images from
  •          2 phrases using found objects to do with life cycle recorded photographically.
  •          1 small painting
  •          2 Photography exercises on shutterspeed and Aperture with questions answered.

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