Friday, 4 December 2015

Fashion Project Time Planning

OK, so you should all be well underway with garment construction by now. Make sure you have the resources you need: as many multiples of your object as your garment requires and potentially a base garment to reconstruct/work over. You may need other things such as additional fabrics, dyes, zips, clasps, velcro etc.
This weekend may be a good opportunity to shop for any bits that you are currently short of. If you have an ambitious plan it is essential to work in a focussed way to resolve it properly.
In order to carry out Studio Photography before Christmas (see post below) it is essential that garments/accessories are fully finished by Monday 14th December. So the big aim next week is the completion of your making process. We will let you know precise times for the studio shoots soon - these may be outside normal lessons, dependent on availability of the Studios and the Photographers.
Ideally we would like all items from each collection (e.g. All the Clothes Peg garments and accessories from across both groups) to be available for photography together - so you will need to try and obtain models (or model yourself) at the relevant times.
Any finishing work to your illustration research/design development needs to be completed as self-directed study now. See previous posts for the sketchbook requirements up to this point.
From now until the project is submitted (straight after the Christmas break) the things that need to be added to sketchbooks are:
  • Some photographic documentation of stages of your making process, with annotation/explanation.
  • Images from your studio photoshoot - these will need to be obtained from the second year photographers you will be working with.
  • Contact sheets and larger prints of the best images from a location shoot.
  • 4 pages of research into 2 Fashion Photographers (see post below for guidance).
  • Word-processed Project Evaluation - guidance for this will be issued.

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