Thursday, 18 June 2015

Life Cycles Update


In addition to all your photography experimentation of photograms and sandwich prints in the darkroom,  extensive evaluation and annotation ,  please make sure you have done the following :

  • Chosen your student from the art show- documented this work in-depthly, taking photographs photocopying stages from sketchbooks and evaluation.  THIS SHOW IS GOING DOWN SHORTLY

For the leaflet:

  • 1 set of at least 6 experimental expressive photograms using objects, textures etc
  • 1 set of 6 sandwich prints using your drawings and magazines to produce photograms

          1 more digital photo-shoot 5-10 shots that is in addition to the other 2 photo-shoots that completes any details, close ups or additional objects, people that you feel you need to really make your leaflet get over your message. 

Use these photos and past ones to produce :

          2 sustained pencil images showing strong observational study of an object or person  relating to your life cycle.

          2 x fine liner/biro

          2 pages of experimental phrases appropriate to your life cycle : hand drawn using mixed media,  this will be used on your leaflet: lettraset, jewellery wire, ransom note with magazines, photograms etc

          2 x collages  working from artist responses

          2 x sustained carbons studies

  • 2 mixed media pieces using food colouring and bleach

          1 gold card sustained

          2 sets of thumb-nail sketches showing possible ideas for final images

  • All work HIGHLY annotated with evaluation of efforts and ideas emerging.

Next week you will be starting to put imagery onto the leaflet so generating enough manual  photography and manual  work is vital this week. 

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