Saturday, 28 February 2015

Term 2 Reflections

In your reflections please consider and answer the following points: 

PART 1. Reflecting on Progress: 

1. Think about the work we have completed since the last review (Fashion and Architecture), how do you think you performed in these projects? 
2. Identify at least two elements of these projects you feel were particularly successful and explain why. 
3. Discuss at least 2 aspects of your work/approach that you feel you could improve upon. Most importantly identify what practical steps you can take to effect change in these areas. 

Some areas you might consider discussing in relation to the previous 2 points: 
• Your Observational drawing. 
• Your Attendance 
• Your willingness to experiment. 
• Your time management skills. 
• Your research. 
• The presentation of your sketchbooks. 
• The ambition and success of your outcomes. 
• Your use of IT, including subject specific software (e.g. PhotoShop). 

Talk about any new skills/techniques you have learnt in the last 2 projects. Are these skills that you are likely to use again? These might include: 
• Creating a Presentation. 
• Compiling Moodboards. 
• Fashion Illustration. 
• Garment construction techniques. 
• Arranging a photoshoot. 
• Mixed media collage. 
• Paint transfer. 
• Using PhotoShop. 

PART 2. Looking Ahead:

Have you decided what area of Art and Design you want to specialise in next year? What draws you towards this area? If you are not clear on your direction next year mention areas you are considering and ones you know are not in the running. 
Some of the main areas you should consider are: 
• Fashion Design/Styling/Marketing 
• Texile Design (Print/Constructed/Interior) 
• Fine Art (Sculpture/Painting/Print/New Media) 
• Illustration 
• Animation 
• Photography 
• Graphic Design 
• 3D Design (Product/Furniture/3D crafts etc.) 

Thinking ahead explain what you think your next step will be after Alton College (e.g. University, Apprenticeship, Employment). What practical steps are you taking/planning to help you towards your goals.

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