Friday, 9 May 2014

Life Cycles - to do list

It is good to see that many of you have made a strong start to the new project. There has also been a little bit of late finishing of the illustration work, but this does need to be "put to bed" so we can all get focussed and productive with the graphics work.
Graphics really depends on 3 main ingredients:
  • Idea/message
  • Communication
  • Visuals
At this stage you really need to be exploring a wide range of initial ideas through brainstorming. Thinking about a personal concept/take on your life cycle (this is where the message bit comes in), then gathering visuals from primary and secondary sources that are going to allow you to communicate your ideas.
So the following need to be completed by the end of Tuesday 13th May:
  • Word association brainstorms for at least 4 different life cycles from the brief.
  • More detailed additional brainstorms for 2 Life Cycles - this is where you should try to develop an original theme based on your selected cycle.
  • Visual brainstorming (collected collage material) for 2 Life Cycles - at least 4 pages - mix text and imagery.
  • Notes and brainstorming for a first Photoshoot - go through what you need: props, make-up, model/s, location, lighting, posture, perhaps storyboard ideas for individual shots that you have.
  • Your first photoshoot - take at least 30 photos, print contact sheets of all your shots and blow 5 or 6 of the best ones up to A4.

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