ART BTEC 2015 intake!

ART BTEC 2015 intake!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Illustration Project Update

Work that should be complete and carefully presented in your sketchbook by next Monday (17th March)
  • At least 2 good monoprints.
  • One or more good gold card plates (minimum A4 size) cut and printed.
  • A really good full page sustained tonal pencil drawing (this should represent at least 3 hours worth of focussed working).
  • A sustained full page drawing in another media such as biro or fineliner.
  • A minimum of 4 other drawings that explore other media and techniques, some of these should be more expressive in style.
  • Research into at least one illustrator who primarily uses drawing as their image making technique e.g. David Foldvari, Hope Gangloff, Esra Roise.
David Foldvari

Hope Gangloff

Esra Roise

  • A4/A5 print outs of at least 6 of the best shots from your photoshoot/s.
  • Contact sheets of the rest of your photoshoot/s.
  • Research into at least one narrative/fantasy photographer e.g. Viona Ielegems, Ruven Afanador, James Carver-Grenside, Annie Liebovitz.
  • Research into Quentin Blake's illustration (print out several examples of his work and include personal analysis of his technique, background information and at least one visual response).
  • Research into at least 2 Films that are based on works by Roald Dahl. Again include vital information: director, year made, lead actors, some personal written response and good images from the film.
  • Initial brainstorming and photoshoot storyboarding for 3 scenes from your chosen Roald Dahl story. At least 3 pages of storyboards with annotation, plus breakdown of requirements for your shoot (models, location, props, make up, lighting etc.).
  • Examples of good existing storyboards presented in your sketchbook with analysis (e.g. work by Josh Sheppard).

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