Friday, 23 September 2016

NEW PROJECTS, Stuff you need to bring on Monday.

For Monday those in Group 1 will need to bring:
Drawing pencils, a rubber, £3 for an A3 stapled sketchbook and one complex hand tool (ideally with moving parts) as a subject for drawing. Things like corkscrews, mechanical whisks, hand drills, adjustable spanners or can openers are ideal.
​For the next fortnight lessons for Group 1 will be in the downstairs studio (Room 815).
Those in Group 2 will need:
Drawing pencils, a rubber, a painting shirt (if you are precious about your clothes) and either £5 for a set of brushes and a sketchbook, or £3 for a A3 stapled sketchbook and a range of your own paintbrushes.
​For the next fortnight lessons for Group 2 will be in the upstairs studio (Room 855).
Have a good weekend and good luck finishing your current projects.
See you all on Monday,

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